All My Relations- Trailer
Full Length Coming Soon!!

I just watched your trailer, it is so powerful, I am awe struck, and the music....... what can I say, I have no words. Love, love, love.



"Love, Truth, Power, Wisdom and Healing. May it ripple out..."



"This is beautiful and powerful. I will be watching for the full length version."




All My Relations-Renewal of the four sacred directions: is a documentary about healing as individuals, but also in our family, communities and planet. It is inspired by the filmmaker Eliza Knockwood’s personal story as a Mi'kmaq woman who’s a survivor of many manifestations of cultural genocide. Her story is the microcosm of a bigger story of the many forms of historic trauma shared by all of humanity.  


From the most intimate and personal levels right up to the level of international & planetary calamity- our current experiences with racism, environmental destruction, and class divisions are rooted in the past of these ancient wounds. All My Relations draws on the wisdom of many interviewees and artists of different ages, stages and colors to show how a pathway of healing is possible in the present through remembering who we are through knowing our past, our cultures and most importantly our essence as human beings.